So you want more of me, eh?

I just can’t help myself from being upset over the fact that someone had written a comment stating my blog has pretty much gone downhill and that my writing isn’t as up to par as it used to be.  Oh, how irked I was.

I told my mom, she got excited.  She said, “what if it’s someone seeking out possible column candidates and just giving you constructive criticism.  Oh honey, it’s true, you seem distracted lately.” Oh whatever, mom.

I told my brother, he said I should watch the daily soap operas and then write about them like they are my life.  Oh geez.

Well, you know what?  I’m a sensitive person, it hurt my feelings.  I can’t help it that I have undiagnosed adult add.  (I don’t know if I really do, it’s just that I can’t stop – I just go, go, go, and I get distracted with all of the wonderful things to do in life.)  The more I thought about it, the more I realized it’s that I put the blog on the back burner.  It’s the least of my priorities.  And it should be, considering I have 2 kids, 2 dogs, a husband, a house, a part time job, numerous volunteer activities, and numerous hobbies (knitting, reading celebrity mags, reading books, sewing, cooking, the list really could go on), but just what if I found 10 minutes a day at the end of the day to reflect on my day?  Yes, aha, I think that would suffice.

So, I guess that means that Doogie Howser really is my idol.


Well, here goes….

This morning, L took a bandaid – a hundredth bandaid, I might add, and put it on an owie.  An owie, I might also add, that wasn’t shown to me.  At that, I became a bit curious as, you know, we have a ‘if you’re bleeding only then can you use a bandaid’ rule.  It’s pretty much obeyed by, but we had just bought these new hello kitty bandaids and I knew L was so in love with them.  I mean, who doesn’t want a hello kitty bandaid?  They could surely be used for body art only.  And at that, I asked her if she was bleeding.  She replied yes, but had the most guilty look on her face.

You know that look; the look of being terrified if caught in the middle of a lie.  I told her if she lies, her nose will grow.  I know, I know, how awful I am.  So, as soon as I said that, I also said her nose was starting to grow.  Oh goodness, I acted so scared for her and her nose.  I said, “my my, just like pinochio.”  Dammit, in the back of my mind, I felt just like mommy dearest.

But! She gasped, she grabbed her nose and immediately admitted that indeed she had lied, she hadn’t been bleeding, she just loved Hello Kitty oh so much.  I told her that yes, dear, hello kitty is quite fancy, but to be truthful is the most important virtue of all.  And, of course, she totally got that.  You know, like all 4 year olds.

The rest of the day, she was begging to watch Pinochio, but we had rented it from the library when she saw it so we didn’t own it or anything.  How disappointed she was.  I have to remind myself to get that movie again.  Oh Disney, you just have a way of instilling morals and values (of course, I am totally kidding).

The rest of the day I cleaned.

And then went to my dad’s 60th birthday party.  In the boonies.  on a farm.  I’m not going to show you pics from the actual party, because, well, I was a bit tipsy and they’re all a bit blurry, but I will show some of the coolest finds inside my dad’s sister’s house.  Helloooo, i am so in the thrifting mood right now, check it out:


2 responses to “So you want more of me, eh?

  1. Hey, those are all of MY hobbies too! 😉 Seriously, I love the antiques and the Hello Kitty story. Oooo, we should go some of my favorite thrifty antiquish places this summer.

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