momma is mystified

Yesterday, L’s class had a teddy bear picnic.  It was the cutest thing.  The class stepped out for a few minutes whilst the teddy bears set the room up with balloons and all.  Imagine a bunch of 3 (and 4)year olds and their wide eyes, contemplating the thought of teddy bears coming alive.  L even got to take home her balloon.

And while I was sitting at my desk, later that night, the balloon crept closer and closer to me.  And then past me and circled all around the room and then followed me into the kitchen to refill my drink.  Then, back into my room, sat by my desk as I worked, and then followed me up the stairs to say goodnight to my son.  And there it stayed.

So, as I finally lay into bed and opened my book, I started to feel a little mystified.  The book I am reading is Peony in Love; it’s about a lovesick hungry ghost.

Oh the thoughts this momma thinks sometimes.  Almost, kinda, in a way, like a three year old thinking teddy bears really do come alive.  Just what if they did?

Anyway, as for thoughts of the unknown, guess what?!  Charlie starts obedience training this weekend.  I’ll keep you posted…


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