well, my baby is 4.

Yesterday was her official birthday.  She’s 4.  I’m 34.  And now my biological clock is ticking.  I’m having baby fever early this year (it’s usually in the spring).  Well, can you blame me?  Look at how adorable my kids are:

in her birthday crown

she's 4, but, man, she is soo cool!

F made her origami. and he wrote her a poem! is that sweeet, or what?

Cute kids, right?

okay, F looks a little mad (crazy), but she's adorable.

Yes, as you can see by the pictures, we had a day full of JUNK.  Lunch at McDonalds, dinner at Chuck E Cheese, and dessert at Dairy Queen.  What can I do?  I only ate the pizzahhh at CEC, because helloooo do you not know me?  I loooove pizza!  And I can’t even resist Chuck E Cheese.  😀

Oh. p.s. is anyone else amused by these photos?


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