momma’s sticking to resolutions.

I’ve been knitting, of course.

Here’s a coffee mug cozy I made for dh:

That was my first attempt at cabling.  It was easier than I thought.

I’ve also been on my detox.  Well, I am finished now.  It was just four days, but a gruesome four days. Kidding (kind of).  It went well; my ability to not munch on crap all day (like I normally do).  It was a great test of my will power.  To know you have control is quite empowering.  Funny how little things like having control over what you put in your mouth everyday keep your spirits strong.

Day one back into the swing of things (post detox) and I had pizza, cheesy tortillas, and chocolate.  I am so naughty.  So much for will power, right?  But I think how my intestines were wreaking havoc was exactly what I deserved.  And so, at dinner, I made spinach with almond crusted chicken (a healthy, detox friendly recipe) with a sprinkle of cheese on top.  I thought the kids were going to detest.  But, like I’ve said before, my kids aren’t normal kids.  Look what happened:



Pretty impressive, right?

Anyway, the detox was a good start to tweaking my diet (and my kids’).  No more pizza and cheesy quesadillas.  Except on Fridays.  Because, well, that’s our tradition.  😀

Oh. Guess what.  I need a new pair of jeans.  I have a hole in the inner thigh.  Pooh. They’re my favorite jeans.  But I made a pledge to buy only handmade, recycled, or reused.  So, A-Ha, I had an idea!  Patch it.  I know you’re thinking, ‘duh. hello.’, but, hey, I used to buy new undies when laundry was overdue.  Okay, well, not recently, but there was a time.

I haven’t gotten out my handy dandy sewing machine in a while.  I was thinking of where to plug it when I remembered I had some iron on patches.  Niiiice.  I am TOTALLY sticking to my resolution. Yay me, I rock.

Here’s a shot of my inner thigh:

Lovely, isn’t it?


2 responses to “momma’s sticking to resolutions.

  1. Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?

  2. skinny legs

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