4 day Detox

As you know, I am doing a four day detox that started yesterday.  I am hungry.  Really hungry.  And, for some weird sadistic reason, I have been watching the food channel all day.

Anyway, it’s not that I haven’t eaten.  I have.  It’s just not the crap I like.  I’ve been drinking fruit/veggie loaded smoothies in the morning, a healthy lunch, and a smoothie for dinner.  in between, I have been eating celery, beets, and tangerines.

I feel my belly tightening.

I wish.

But I am very proud of being able to sustain my cravings.  So, I do have will power.  I never knew that.  I never believed that.  Right now, I want pizza and chocolate.  yesterday I wanted a cheese sandwich and diet coke.  Tomorrow, perhaps I will crave beets?  It’s supposed to happen somewhat like that.  I think.

Ultimately, I am gaining control of my body.  I am breaking you, food.

2 more days and then I will start the next part of the life change diet.  Is anyone else following along? detox

Here’s a picture of what I had for lunch today.  Broiled tuna topped with a bean & tomato salad.


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