For some reason, my dining area just drives me batty.  I’m always rearranging and redecorating.  Well, there isn’t much room, but I do what I can.  There’s a niche, I’m assuming for a hutch, that I make do with, but I need to do something with it, or else….I don’t know, just or else.

So, here’s the problem area:

It’s kind of a plant area, a dog eating area, a sitting area, a cookbook area, a cookie jar area, and a buffet when I take everything off.  I despise it, so I want to show you what I really, really want and what I think the area really, really needs:

{picture borrowed from}

I mean, wouldn’t ya say?

Or, what would you do about this area?  Y’know, using what I have?

Also, what should I do about my beloved peppermint plant?  Is it dying or hibernating?


3 responses to “incomplete.

  1. I like the little area. You could put up another shelf (or two) to put your plants on, freeing up the ‘desk’ area.

  2. you know i have dibs on that buffet table if you get rid of it 🙂

  3. Jenera, I moved the plants around today to free up space. My dh said, “wow, it’s not so cluttered.” See, that spot is the what do I do with you spot.
    Jessi, find me that cabinet thingy on CL for under 50 and I’ll give it to you. 😉

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