grocery shoppin’

I haven’t posted my adventures in grocery shopping for a while.  We’ve been affected by the recession and I’ve been trying to figure out how best to budget for food.  For the last couple of months, we’ve been buying here and there.  But then I perused a cookbook I had kept, called Saving Dinner, and decided to try and give it a go again.  I love it, because it gives you week by week meals with recipes and shopping lists.  And every meal is very nutritious, lots of veggies, not too much meat, and soup and crock pot meals every week.  Here’s a week’s worth of groceries for Winter (oh yeah, and they’re broken up into seasons!!), week 6 (for 100.00 and that’s including snacks and lunches and the designated meals).

Here was the meal plan:

honey mustard glazed chicken with rice and cauliflower
my big fat greek stuffed peppers with baked sweet potato
spiced fish with cilantro and lime with mashed potato and kale
skillet turkey jambalaya with salad
cream of broccoli cheddar soup with salad and home made rolls
crock pot tuscan chicken and beans with salad

And we had tons!!! of leftovers.

(and yes, that’s diet coke.  I fell of the wagon again.  you know, just the diet coke wagon.  not the spiked version!)


One response to “grocery shoppin’

  1. No way. I fell off the Diet Coke wagon, too. Ugh. Heaven help us!

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