A week in the life…

I haven’t been in a bloggity blog mood lately.  I dunno why.  It’s been 8 days since I last posted.  I definitely don’t feel like Doogie Howser anymore.  Here’s the low down on what I’ve been doing:

It’s fall and I like it.  There was a bit of a scare when it snowed in September, but it’s November and it’s 50 degrees.  That’s, like, above average for this time of year.  And so the leaves are still dropping and it reminds me of when I was a kid.  I often wonder if my kids will look back on these memories fondly, if they’ll remember how carefree childhood is.  DSCF3261

My niece came over for a slumber party.


I caught my dh laying on the kitchen countertops and…..finally putting in the accent lights.  (I’ve had those things for a year!)


and they make everything look so pretty.


We’ve enjoyed the weather as much as we could, even taking impromptu walks.  and poses.


and spins.


I made a pair of mittens for my dd.  One is round on the top and one is pointy.  I am still unsure how this happened.  But I do know that when you buy a 5.00 pair of mittens, they were NOT hand knit!  (all this knitting makes me appreciate knitwear so much more!)


My dh had his gallbladder taken out yesterday.  While we were waiting, I decided to get him a teddybear or somn’.  So, I went in the gift shop and they were having a drawing for bouquets of flowers.  Well, wouldn’t it be the cutest thing if I won one for him?  So I put my name in and sure enough I WON THE GRAND PRIZE!  A two dozen bouqet of roses with the vase and with snowflake decorations.  My oh my, fancy me.  My dh was the talk of the surgery recovery floor 🙂 (someone must love him A LOT to get such a big bouquet of beauty)


and that’s been my week in a nutshell.

I have a video for you, I hope you like it:



2 responses to “A week in the life…

  1. That is awesome that you won the flowers! 🙂 Hope Alan is recovering well and that he is being a good patient! hehe.

  2. Cool pictures of the fall day.

    dn sure is getting big and as pretty as ever.

    dh has become the handyman…..cool.

    See you soon…………….

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