You say tomato, I say tomato.

So, I am in the process of jotting down the notes of the failures and successes of my summer garden.  In the mean time, while we wait for me to make a post of those, I’d like to tell you about the tomatoes…There wasn’t any time to wait for them to ripen on the vine, so I picked them, put them in a paper bag, and hoped they’d ripen on their own.  And that they did!!!  As they started to turn, I would take them out of the bag and put them in the windowsill.  And once they were really red, I’d put them in a bowl to gather a few for salsa.


Here’s my salsa recipe:

lots of tomatoes

some basil, and a peppermint leaf

lots of garlic

a little bit of onion

1/2 bushel trimmed cilantro

a few pinches of kosher salt

a jalapeno – 1/2 if you don’t like it too spicy, 1/4 if you like it milder

squirt of lemon

blend in a food processor.  It gets a bit frothy, but yummmmmmmmmmm it’s delicio!!!


I put into containers and freeze for the winter!!!  Lots of fresh salsa is really, really, really good for you!


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