besides drinking the vino, I like to have play dates

I like play dates.  What’s a stay at home mom to do with her days, besides a lil bit of laundry, cleaning, story telling, and play dates?  My mom says she remembers the days when you sent your kids out to play and you didn’t see them until the break of dusk.  But times aren’t like they used to be, momma.  We can’t send them out into the scary world that it is.  So, we’ve found other ways to meet the needs of the rambunctious kids and lonely mommas; it’s called a play date.

Besides being on a few chat forums (which is how you meet other mommas now a days), I’m in a “play group.”  Actually, it’s a group that met via online (so there ya go).  I adore these mamas.  We meet every Friday and take turns playing at each other’s homes.  Usually, it’s a 2 hour play time with a snack time and craft time thrown in.  Kind of like preschool, but at your house.  That’s how I like to see it anyway.

It’s always the same play group.  I’ll throw down dome names now: Kristy, Laura, Casey, Vanessa, Sandi, Diana, Julie, Cyndi, and me.  We all have kids in the same toddler/preschool age range (even though my ds accompanies us when school’s out).  Sometimes, I like to invite other mommas I know outside of the group, to mix things up, too.

Anyway, this week the part-ay was at my house.  Since it was halloween, we had a few fun things going on.  First, we had a sticker/coloring activity.  Then, we made ghost shaped muffins and decorated them with icing and sprinkles.  After that, it was free play and the kids played school.

So, I got some pix of what we did:



One response to “besides drinking the vino, I like to have play dates

  1. I’m sad I missed it. And Play Group ROCKS.

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