We went to Florida. woot woot.

The week was full of action, beginning even before our flight.  I know you are going to find this shocking, because I did, but I was patted down and frisked in the security line.  It’s just that I had my ds’s nebulizer and it kept setting off the alarms.  So, I had to spread em.  AND explain to the kids that it was all because we need the airports to be safe.  I wonder how that image will affect them; their mama getting frisked by the airport security.  I dunno, maybe their memories will exaggerate the experience and one day 15 years from now they’ll be telling their college friends I got busted carrying dope.  or something.

Then, our plane was sent back to the hanger, because it had technical problems.  Thank God they figured it out before we got on.  We ended up leaving 20 minutes late, but on time when we arrived in Fla.  Over all, I can’t complain about the flight, the kids were actually really good.


The trick is to bring lots of treats!!!

Good ol FLA, we arrived with our coats on and we soon tore them off.

My mom picked us up in her FLa attire: sun visor, check. fanny pack, check. flower print blouse and white shorts, check.  You gotta love her.

The first two nights, we stayed at a motel in Clearwater.


Here’s a pic of just around the corner:


Our first full day, we spent in almost entirety at the beach.


We spent the next day at my mom’s condo, swimming in her pool.  I can’t believe I didn’t get any good pictures of that, the pool was beautiful.  Even though all the old folkies were freaked out by my dd running around, pretending to jump in the 6 feet of water.  There was a breif moment she lost her balance on the steps in the 3 feet of water and I had to grab her.  You’d think that would scare the begeezus out of her, but it didn’t.

I didn’t get pictures of that, but I did get pictures at the mini golf place.  The pictures don’t even begin to show you how cool the place was.  We were making shots on boats and in caves and above water.  And you just can’t go to Florida without doing a bit of golfing, right?


Check out the sunset as we were finishing up.


And when we walked back to the motel, my mom was waiting in the pool for us.  Now, I know you’re gonna think this pool looks dinky, and it was small, sure, but this wasn’t any ordinary pool, it was a spa tub!!!!  That means, it had places to sit on the side and jets that shot on, but it was 85 degrees.  ahhh, perfecto!


The next day, we said farewell to that hotel and moved on to a different place.

That day, it was windy, but my mom had this portable, disposable grill (which by the way I thought was soooo friggin cool) we were going to make a hotdog lunch on while we waited to check in to our motel.  So, we went to honeymoon island, a state park, and had a picnic.  (I mentioned it was windy, because we used an almost entire box of matches to get the thing lit.  We eventually had to get away from the ocean for the picnic, but went back after.)

DSCF2791(note the napping child)DSCF2796

and went shelling:


This is my mom.  I think it’s a good pic so wanted to add it:


That night, the ice cream truck came thru the motel lot.  I bought my kids a treat, which reading the ingredients was really not an ice cream treat for there was no milk in any of the ingredients.  Hmm.


Whew, this is getting long, isn’t it?  Well, hold on.

The next day, we went to Tarpon Springs, Sponge capital of the US. (world, possibly?)


And we took a 3 hour boat ride.

DSCF2849(look at those clouds, it started to rain while were out there.)  (we went to an island, I felt like Gilligan)

Here’s the island with the solar lighthouse.  One lonesome dude lives there on that island, the lighthouse keeper.


Look what I saw:

DSCF2868(a pair of Eagles)

I started to get pictured out, so don’t have much else to show you, except one thing.  Obscenities ahead!!!  Don’t look if you get offended easily.  I found this graffited into the sofa of our motel room.  I about peed my pants when I saw it, who does that kind of thing?


What a fun weekend, thanks Ma!


One response to “We went to Florida. woot woot.

  1. What great photos and commentary. You are very welcome! I loved every moment!!!!!!!

    You guys are really great company. Hope you come back soon.



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