A perfect day for gardening.

Today, it’s a bit chilly.  The wind is busy and it’s a bit overcast.  Well then, we had to take advantage of it.  Before long, it will be cold, really cold.  Really, really cold.

So, first we planted the tulips.  (I paid DS 1.00 to do it :D)


Then, I planted some pine trees and hedges around where the porch used to be.  (but looking a little bit closer, I see I was a bit lazy with the mulch and yikes, we have a lot of crap going on around the yard.  hey – do you see my pup running toward me?)


And, then I found a special garden treat: a green pepper!!!


My, my what a wonderful day!


One response to “A perfect day for gardening.

  1. How did the pepper do while on vacation. It had its own green house!!!!

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