Obama’s speech

I’ve been busy.  Busy wondering why the heck my kid’s class didn’t watch this.

This was their response:

Upon review of the speech copy, -My area- Public Schools affirms that the viewing of the President’s remarks will not occur as a mandatory, school-wide assembly. We are not directing our schools to take time out of a busy school day to listen to the President, nor are they going to alter the school day to accommodate the speech. However, we are taping the speech and have notified schools that use of the curriculum materials and the presentation is at the discretion of individual classroom teachers and principals, either on Tuesday or as part of a future lesson plan.

As with any other curriculum, topic or activity, if parents do not want their children to be part of the curriculum, the teacher is expected to provide alternative materials or activities.

President Obama’s actions are not without precedent. President George H.W. Bush did something similar in 1991 in a live telecast/radio broadcast to the nation’s students.


4 responses to “Obama’s speech

  1. WTF?? so did your school show GWB’s speech in 1991? I love the “we are not going to take time out of a busy day to listen to the President…” That would be comical if it weren’t so upsetting. Since “president” is pretty much the highest ranking job in our country, i think it is fair to say they would not take time out of their busy days to listen to ANYONE. EVER.

  2. I know! I seriously am shocked. Shocked! We live in a very liberal community. But besides that, it is the President. Why wouldn’t you make time, like you said he’s even busier and HE made time!!! I am just so irked!

  3. and IMO, we’ve become TOO politically correct. SO politically correct that we don’t want to upset parents of kids that go to public school (!!!) by broadcasting the President’s speech. (which was just intended for the kids as inspiration to be good students.) Isn’t there something completely wrong with that whole scenario?

  4. yes, something VERY wrong.

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