Momma’s bag.

Why is it that I am obsessed with knitting bags?  And bags that don’t turn out like I want them to?  Oh, the woes of knitting.  and of being a novice.

Remember the elsatote?

Well, here it is, after all those hours of knitting and twisting and pattern keeping:


P.s. when I said I was a craft dabbler, I wasn’t kidding.  I’m more of a hobby dabbler.  There haven’t been any gardening posts recently, well, because there hasn’t been much gardening activity.  the weather has been weird.  I get about 1 or 2 tomatoes a day.  Still waiting for the green beans to grow.  I’ve had some success with basil, peppermint, jalapenos, and yellow beans.  Presntly, I am making plans for next year.  What was easy, what I liked to eat, what I wish I had more of.  I’ll post more at the end of the season.  until then, more knitting 😀


2 responses to “Momma’s bag.

  1. My green beans didn’t come up at all – I got three in the beginning and that’s it. The tomatoes have been awesome as well as some zucchini. I’m like you…planning for next year. Hasn’t it been fun??

  2. maybe it was the bunnies! They like green beans. I had problems in the beginning. Those little buggers were eating everything in my yard – even the hostas!!!!
    But all in all, gardening is super fun!

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