A day in the life…

We hurried to the bus stop, with puppy Charlie in tow.  He decided to poo on the grass beside us.  Great, I thought, I don’t have a bag.  So, to the others, I had to point it out so they didn’t step in it.  Then, he (the pup) started to get squirly and jump on the kids, so I had to hold him.  DD played ring around the stop sign and fell to the ground and scraped her knee.  She was bleeding a bit, but I wasn’t about to leave my DS at the bus stop so I lifted and held her, too.  A pup in one arm and a bleeding kid in the other.  When the bus came and went,  I ran home with the two of them in my arms, grabbed a bag, ran back to pick up the poo, back to the house to wash my hands, clean up the scrape and apply a sponge bob square pants bandaid.

That was just the mornin.

Pre-school started today.  I love it.  I’m the assistant teacher in my DD’s class.  12 hours a week, perfect.  But how do I stop my kid from calling me mommy?  Or is it okay?  This I need to work out.  I told her to call me by my last name, but she ended up calling me by my first name and then that confused the other kids even more.  I should just let her call me mommy.

After that, we went home for lunch and then a quiet reading time, which isn’t really a quiet reading time.  It’s a ‘mommy, can I have a snack (even though I just ate lunch)’ time.  Over and over.  How could I refuse her?  That’s usually what mom’s of obese kids say, that they just couldn’t say no.  Not that my dd will ever be obese.  She’s a peanut.  And not that I wouldn’t love her if she were obese, I would.

We picked up DS from the bus stop and he had his shoe off and was limping.  He appeared to have the lamest attempt at bandaging I’d ever seen.  I need to show you a picture, it was so horrible:


He said his school nurse had done that and that the school didn’t have any big bandaids.  Um, apparently.  Well, good thing we had those sponge bob square pants bandaids.  Here’s a pic to show momma knows best (um, to cover an injury with an appropriately sized bandaid):


Why did I think you’d find that interesting? I have no idea, I am just rambling about my day.  Oh, but don’t you wonder how that happened?  DS said he fell off something on the play ground at recess.  Could that be why no one called me?

After homework, we drove to the farmer’s market.  On the way, this was the car conversation:

DS: Batman?

DD: No, That man.

DS: What?

DD: That man.

DS: What?  Momma, can you tell me what she’s saying?

Me: What are you saying?

DD: That man.

Me: Batman?

DD: No, that man.

Me: Bat man?

DD: No, that man.

Me: What man?

DD: That man.

Me. Okay.

At the farmer’s market, we perused each stand.  I told the kids they could each get one thing.  The apples were out, because the guy told us last week he uses pesticides.  Well, I wanted to know, what’s the point of having a farmer’s market?  This week, we were going to get melons, but this guy told us he uses pesticides, too.  A few stands down, they said they didn’t use pesticides.  We bought from them.  I left wondering if they were honest about not using pesticides, and felt bad about not buying from the people that were honest.  All in all, we bought: green beans, a watermelon, a canteloupe, ground cherries, corn, and honey.  I asked the guy if his honey was organic and he said, “if you consider the honey being made out in a deserted field and that nothing is put into it between the time it gets moved from the hive to the bottle.”  Hmm, I was a bit perplexed about that answer.  Why can’t people just say yes or no?

Then, we went to the library.  I needed more books about knitting.  DD just likes to fill up her princess bag with library goodies (movies and books).  DS wanted to play on the computer, but just as we arrived they announced they were closing.  We hurriedly grabbed some things.  Sometimes going to the library is just as fun as shopping.

We met my DH at the pizza place that had free pizza coupons on facebook.  My dh did not believe me, but sure enough they were giving away pizzas tonight.  We fed our family of four for NOTHING, NADA!!!!!  And it was delicious.  This is the description:


Cut fresh tomato, basil, mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil,garlic (toppings added when pizza taken out of oven) 9.95

Right on for free stuff!  Especially food.  We haven’t any money lately, hence my lacking of the grocery pictures (I know how much all of you love those :)) It’s been farmer’s market finds and homemade bread lately.  Which, to tell the truth, is really better.  Oh, we do have lots of meat leftover from all of the costco shopping we did last month.  Costco rocks.

After dinner, my DH and I raced our cars.  Don’t worry, I wimped out after a few seconds, so he won.  Do you think he’d let me win anyway?

At home, we had watermelon for dessert.

And then – FINALLY – get ready for bed.  (My quiet time. yahoo.  Off to knit….)




One response to “A day in the life…

  1. Mama said ther’d be days like this,
    Ther’d be days like this mama said.

    The busy years.

    So glad you have a strong back and a positive outlook. You Rock G.

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