and…drumroll…more craziness.

What is up with today?  Must be the barimetric pressure.

My mail hadn’t come by 7:30PM.  I know this because of 2 reasons:

1. My dog has a fit when the mailman comes.  he did not have a fit today.

2. the letter I put out in the box was still there.

So, I called the post office and a man answered.  This was our conversation (you tell me if it’s weird.)

Hello, ____post office.

Hi, my mail wasn’t delivered today.

What’s your address?

______________(my address)

(no pause) You didn’t get mail today.  I know, because I delivered in your area.

Well, I still have the mail in my box that was meant to be sent out.

I’ll pick it up in ten minutes.

Oh no, you don’t have to do that.

No, it’s okay, I am on my way downtown to drop off the rest of the outgoing mail rght now and I’ll just stip on my way.

Okay, thanks.

And so, a random guy in random ‘street’ clothes in a random car picked up my mail and off it went.

Was this all because I didn’t tip last Christmakkah?  Or, is this the new standard of Postal Service?  Hmmmm….


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