Craziness always follows me.

I haven’t seen crazy stalker in a while, was starting to think all that craziness was a fluke.  But then I went to the grand opening of a new grocery store in town.  They were selling brats with chips and soda for ONE DOLLAH.  Now, I know, I know, I have been on my organic kick lately, but this was too good to pass up.  So, my two kids and I got our order and were about to sit down, but there weren’t any tables open.  An older lady was sitting alone at one and motioned us over to sit with her, we obliged.  Making small talk, we commented about the wind.  My goodness, it was windy today.  We had to get up to chase after our napkins ever few seconds.  But we couldn’t complain too much, after all it was a beautiful day.  Then, all of a sudden the wind gusted so fast and powerful and pulled the umbrellas out of the holes of the tables and whacked our table, specifically the lady we were sitting with.  I heard her moan and say she was hurt, but it’s funny how a mama’s instinct kicks in and you know to check your kids first and foremost.  They said they had only been hit by flying soda, so I got up to check on the lady we sat with.  She said she couldn’t see, that the umbrellas had hist her in her eye.  i saw that she had a dent in her forehead.  The workers just stood around and I said, “do something.  Get her a wheelchair, get her ice.”  They said, “should we call paramedics?”  I said, “Yes, do it now.”  Here I am this stay at home mom just having lunch before nap time and all of a sudden thrown into a situation where I have to direct people that should know what to do.  Granted, it was the first day of opening, but no one knew what to do.  I asked the lady, by now she told me her name was Judy, if I could call anyone and she said yes, her work.  So, I did.  I could have left then, but I didn’t.  It’s weird, but I almost felt like I was meant to bet there to make sure she got the appropriate attention she needed.  I demanded that the paramedics take her.  After what happened to Natasha Richardson, you just can’t take chances with head bumps.  And that was that.  An adrenaline rush before nap.  And a lesson for my kids: always be a good person.  And a lesson for myself: one day you think you’re going for a quick brat, but you end up in the ER.  Life is so friggin strange, because on my way home you’ll never guess who I saw!  Crazy stalker guy!!  I guess I still have a case of the crazies following me.

(p.s. my groceries were 70.00 today, bt that’s only because my budget was limited.  :()


5 responses to “Craziness always follows me.

  1. Couple of things..
    1) I hope she is OK!!! I’m glad you stayed to help her- you always hope if something like that happened to you that someone would be a friend and help.

    2) What is the new grocery store?

    3) I’ll have to hear more about your crazy stalker guy. I had a college prof that I used to run into everywhere. It was random but very weird. I’d usually spot him and then go the other way to avoid the small pleasantries.

  2. you’re so funny Casey.
    1. This lady came up to me and rubbed my back, while saying “do you know her?” “no.” “Wow, you’re a good person to stay with her.” That’s a good feeling!
    2. Rainbow foods. It’s posh. by this new mall they’re building. Totally NOT as cheap as TJs. I wish I would’ve gone there instead!!!!
    3. Crazy stalker guy: African guy that followed me around in the library and then out to my car. And now i see him everywhere. and really close to my house. can’t figure out if he’s stalking or lives by me. Hmm.
    (random anecdote: my astronomy professor basically asked me out. he was 50 when I was 19. Eww. But I did write an article or two about him to get an A 😀 (I was on the newspaper) (oh, the power of journalism.))

  3. Is that crazy library guy around again? Creepy. You need to let him know you have big dog!!

    You did a good deed and all things go around…..Did you get that “take charge ” attitude from anybody I know?

  4. 1. This lady came up to me and rubbed my back, while saying “do you know her?” “no.” “Wow, you’re a good person to stay with her.” That’s a good feeling!

    OK – so to clarify what felt good- the back rub or the compliment/doing the right thing?

  5. lol. good feeling from being a good person and someone recognizing. and now that you brought it up, maybe I shoulda left the back rub out. haha. it wasn’t really a back rub, just a human contact, which is so not midwestern, and a compliment so I thought it was important to the story.

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