To keep or to toss, that is the question…

I keep everything my kids make during the year and then in the summer I weed through it all.  I do this, I think, because I don’t have the heart to throw anything away – at first.  Give me some time, and I’m all about chucking stuff.  So, that’s what I do.

Here was the before pile:




(all labeled with the year.  and one for each of them.)

Recycle pile:


I’m curious, what do you keep and what do you throw out?


3 responses to “To keep or to toss, that is the question…

  1. That is a GREAT idea!! i’m going to copy you. i keep it all for a couple of weeks at a time and then go through it and keep about half (ya know, the really cute or special things). but for the past 3 years i’ve just put all the keepers in a huge art portfolio and now i don’t know what she did at what age. i like your way better. where do you keep it all until years end?

  2. Great idea. Try to keep it up. I have boxes of this and that and sometimes don’t even know whose art is whose. Once I found out that Mick actually gave me a child wood art project that was made by someone else but he put his name on it. I guess it’s the thought that counts…..I guess.

    By the way, you are amazing, where do you fine the time….do you sleep.

  3. I keep it all in a drawer in my dresser. It’s small so when it’s full I am forced to go through it. When ds was little, I just kept everything in a big box so I don’t know the ages or years for those. But i needed to do something for when school started – you get so many random worksheets and all that. I decided I am only keeping perfect scores and really creative projects. and for the preschool dd I only keep one of each kind of project she did for the year (you don’t need a bizillion finger painted pics, right?) But it’s so hard to throw away anything they make!!!

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