Some people got alotta nerve.

So, I went to the library this mornin’, my favorite SAHM activity.  My routine is always to check out the adult music, videos, and books before spending the rest of the time in the kids section where they usually have imaginative play toys (today, they had a lemonade stand.  how cute!).  My kids are usually angels, and I usually never have any problems whatsoever (I mean, besides occasionally having to remind them to contain their excitement).

Today, my dd sat on the stool and perused random books (at one point, she was reading to herself w/o knowing the book was upside down! lol.) while I researched for a great read to bring home.  I thought she was behaving amazingly, sitting there – and not running up and down the aisles (and I aint gonna lie, she’s done it before), reading aloud.  Then, she started a conversation with me:

dd: “momma, I love you.”

me: “I love you, too, honey.”

dd: “I love you when I am happy, but I don’t love you when I am grumpy.”

me: “well, I love you even when I am grumpy, because I love you all the time!”

dd: “I love you when I’m grumpy, too.”

That was basically the extent of the conversation, and mind you, it was not a loud conversation, but we weren’t whispering either, when a man (an old man!) stood at the end of our aisle and said, “This is a library.  She is being too loud.”

me: “are you serious?”

him: “yes, you cannot talk in the library.  Think about it.”

me: “well, how come I hear another conversation down a few aisles?”

him: “oh come on, think about it, it’s different.”

me: “well, I don’t think so.”

him: “keep her quiet.  This is a library.” and then he walked away.

Really?  That really happened?  Honestly, I thought he was going to comment on how well behaved she was and how cute and adorable that conversation was.  Some people!


One response to “Some people got alotta nerve.

  1. Are you serious?? Maybe it was the same guy who yelled at me on the bike path. Why are we attracting the wierdos lately?

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