Birthday update and whoopie cushion action.

Before, in a past post, I cursed the parents that did not rsvp to my ds’s birthday party.  Well, update: all but one finally rsvp’d, so they did in fact come around (even though it was last minute! but I totally appreciated it anyway).  Note to self: put a date to rsvp by and stick to it.

My ds turned 8.  Oh Lordy, that makes me feel happy and sad all at once.

He got a whoopie cushion; why would you do that to another parent?  I have heard about 100 artificial farts today.  I am not kidding.  Okay, okay, it’s kinda funny, but it gets old listening to all of the body parts that can fart…for example, this is the type of thing I’ve been hearing:

dd: “brother, look I can make my belly fart.” Said as she slams her belly on the whoopie cusion.

ds: “sister, look, I can make my head fart.” Said as he does a handstand on the whoopie cushion.

My dh called today and said, “did they get you, yet?”  Um, no they haven’t, but I am pretty sure they’re planning to put the whoopie cushion under my seat cushion at dinnertime.  and I bet my dh will get the biggest laugh out of it.

Anyway, here’s a pic from the actual party – at the roller rink (total old school – I loved it!)



One response to “Birthday update and whoopie cushion action.

  1. What a GREAT gift to give an 8 year old. I think that would be the thing for Joey. Just imagine that scenario.

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