momma’s sleepin’ like royalty.

Well, we got our sleep number bed.  And before you start shaking your finger at me saying, “I thought you didn’t have no money, girlfriend,” know this: I got my king size sleep number for 150 dollahhh!  Yup, it’s true.  See, I liked to gripe about my queen size bed circa my dh’s college years, how it was starting to sink in the middle, and how my dh fell asleep on the sofa at night.  I happened to be telling my friend that I really wanted to get a sleep number bed, but they were wayyyy too expensive.  She liked to gripe about how much she hated her sleep number.  So, when she finally got her temperpedic, she offered me her sleep number (which was barely a year old and had a protective cover over it for that time so it’s basically new!!!) for 150 dolllaahhh, and I, of course, said HECK YA!!!  So, that’s the story of how I got the sleep number 🙂  

I was going to post pictures of the set up, but it was just too crazy.  So, sorry, you just get a pic of the final set up.  Mind you, it’s a king!!!  A KING!!!! I’ve never even slept on a king until last night.  And baby, it’s just like being in paradise.  womp womp!  (seriously, could I be any more excited about a bed?)


oh, and note my 14.99 duvet from ikea…I also finally got a 4.99 pillowcase for my humungo pillow that now goes with the duvet (too bad none of it matches my rust colored walls. lol)  (Oh well, I’m happy as a little girrrrl.)


4 responses to “momma’s sleepin’ like royalty.

  1. “womp, womp” in a blog about a bed sounds little personal 🙂 he he!

    love the new bed. you’ve never slept on a king?!?!? we ALWAYS get a king when we stay at hotels. then we all sleep together and we STILL don’t touch!

  2. I know, I have been deprived! It’s amazing. Once you go king, you can never go back.

    wompity womp womp. LOL.

  3. You’re funny girl!

    Enjoy the sleep number. Looks like you need pillows.

  4. Hi! I work for Select Comfort on the online customer service team. Thanks for blogging about our bed and congratulations on the sweet deal you got! We’d like to hear more about what you think, and invite you to go to to share your Sleep Number stories.

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