Random thoughts.

I didn’t go grocery shopping yesterday, my usual day.  My YUJ; that’s what that means – my usual 😀  I started a new job, which happens to only be 2 and 1/2 hours 2 times a week, but somehow I have no time.  Where does all my time go?  I often wonder this and if we had longer days and didn’t have to sleep what would we do?  But that’s just too deep for me to get into now.  (geez, I totally crack myself up).  

Anyhoo, I saw a guy riding a motorcycle with the helmet NOT on his head, but attached to the bike.  I thought that made no sense whatsoever.  And he was on the freeway.  What the heck is wrong with some people?  And don’t even tell me it just doesn’t feel the same with a helmet on.  LOL, there I go again making myself giggle.  (and if you didn’t get it, never mind!)  

I saw another guy on a scooter holding his ONE YEAR OLD on his lap – no helmet, no nothing.  It was on a side street, but still!  I worry about my fellow peeps in the world, ya know!  But sometimes I just have to let it go.  

My song of the day:

In other news, we are getting a sleep number bed tonight and I cannot even tell how you how freakin excited I am.  Now no more DH falling asleep on the sofa so as he doesn’t disturb me with his flatulence and restlessness; I’ll probably still bother him with my night time reading though.  By the way, I am reading History of Love and it is a really, really good book!  

Pics of my sleep number soon to come…..till then, ciao bellas and bellos, mommarocks



One response to “Random thoughts.

  1. You crack me up too…but do we have to hear about flatulance….way too much information.

    what does dh stand for ……….damn husband…just a guess

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