Momma went camping with the fam this weekend…

We found this campground  last year and now it’s our YUJ.  They call it “rustic” camping, which I find hilarious.  The reason it’s rustic is because there isn’t electricity and the toilets don’t flush.  There aren’t any showers, but there’s a lake (with a big sign that says “no bathing,” even though I wouldn’t in a million kazillion years). A few miles down the road is a nature center where you can go to cool off and use flushing toilets (and yes, I’ve taken advantage of the luxury).  We call it “car camping,” because we basically live out of our cars for a weekend.  But I hardly call that “rustic.”  We do use tents, even though half our neighbors had pop up campers (and I was oh so jealous).  

The first night we were there and sitting around the campfire eating s’mores when the ranger stopped by to tell us “extreme weather” was fast approaching.  He had said that we might want to go home, but we didn’t have to and he’d keep us posted on the status of the storm.  We decided to stay, because we’re THAT hardcore (kidding) and we actually didn’t believe him.  DH had been watching the weather on all day and there was no such storm.  Though I do have to say that is quite unreliable, if you ask me.  A few weeks ago we had a garage sale and said it was supposed to rain all day that Saturday.  It was our YUJ garage sale weekend and we were not giving up, so we still planned on having the sale anyway.  Well, wouldn’t ya know it, it didn’t rain, not one drop.

At about 2 in the a.m. when I’d finally fallen asleep after trying to get DD to sleep (and she didn’t even have a nap, oy!), the storm began.  The usual lightning, thundering, wind, and rain.  And that wasn’t so bad, but the lightning started to get louder and closer and being outside made it all the more intense.  I started to count the seconds between lightning and thunder, because supposedly for every second in between it equals a mile; I learned that from the movie Polterguist.  So, then I started thinking about that movie and how creepy it was.  The seconds started to get less and less until BANG BANG BANG the lightning and thunder had reached our campsite.  I thought a tree had been hit and then I started to imagine it falling down on the tent.  I was an emotional wreck, I might have been whining.  My DS woke up and was nervous about the storm, so I had to put my own feelings aside, deep down into my gut (no wonder I have an ulcer!) and pretend it was all “buttah.”  We started counted together until we couldn’t hear the lightning and thunder, and we finally fell asleep.

The next day it rained for a bit, but by noon the sun started to shine again and I took the kids for a swim.  My DS met some other kids in the lake and they asked him if he liked having a little sister.  She’s so cute, they said.  “Oh No, she is NOT cute, ” my DS said.  I didn’t realize he’d throw his own sister under the bus so quickly, but he did: “Oh, she is so mean.  She pulls my hair and steals my toys.  She whines, she throws food, and it is NOT fun having a little sister.”  Despite that, I thought they had a great time. 

And despite the mosquito bite on my arse, I had a great time, too.


making pancakes on our new camping griddle.

making pancakes on our new camping griddle.





dirty, wet, smelly pup.

dirty, wet, smelly pup.







One response to “Momma went camping with the fam this weekend…

  1. AAHHH scary!! Although it would be kinda neat…but my mind goes to those places too…

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