Art cars.

We went to the museum today and they had a “make your own art car” activity.  This was the inspiration:


I think art cars are totally tripindicular and if I was brave, I’d do it, too.  (even though I do have this creepy memory of mr. camera van from back in the day when I gave him (the photo guy) props on all his cameras attached to his van.  He said they were all taking pictures of unsuspecting lurkers and then he wanted my digits and I obliged but when he called me I gagged myself with a spoon. Like, errrr.)

Here’s the final creations by my artist kids:

DSCF1324 and DSCF1320

(ETA: (camera van and guy) (not my pictures))


3 responses to “Art cars.

  1. Funny. Good idea.

  2. I have a picture of camera van man too! He didn’t get my digits though. You are special. 🙂 ew.

    I love the Barbie leg. So avant garde.

  3. Beautiful wacky car picture! Check out my blog at and enjoy! Thanks for allowing my comment.

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