Momma wants…

Momma gets.

I told my dh I’d go price shopping on this magnificent gardening/watering tool.  It’s a big expense, but I think it’s totally worth it.  We’ve gone through hose holders every year like we only shop in season.  whatever!  We want something that will last.  And this one better last!!!  You’ll hear me gripe that we don’t have any money (because we usually don’t), but guess what – my dh got a gift card from work (it was an incentive to actually work on the weekend, yay for him!).  So, this is what we’re getting (forget food and new clothes, we need this):


Anyway, on to the price shopping info, like I had promised my dh:  I found 2 places you could buy it – Home Depot and Target.  You’re never going to believe this, but Target’s price was 40.00 MORE!  Thought that I’d share that lil’ bit of info with you (I know, I was just as shocked!).


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