Who ate my plants?

Who ate these hostas?


and this plant that I have yet to identify:


I swear, if I catch those little rascals…well, I’ll have to spray them with some vinegar or lemon juice (because that’s all I have).


3 responses to “Who ate my plants?

  1. Yup, the same thing is happening to our flower and vegetable gardens too… only the “critters” in our yard are rabbits – and lots of them. They ate a couple of pepper plants down to the soil, plus a few different perennials too. My wife and I were saying… how cute these little bunnies are… now we are yelling – scram!! A friend of ours who has had the same experience with small animals eating her plants, told us to drop moth balls around the gardens, this has worked for her in controlling the critters feast. We are going to give the moth balls a try this weekend, hopefully it works for us too.

    • oh yes, good idea about the moth balls, I’ll have to try that. I heard cayenne pepper spread around the garden area was helpful, too. And marigolds. I think the bunnies are mad at me, because this year we put everything in a raised bed, fenced all around (no more beans and tomatoes for them!). So, to get back, they are eating hostas and other perennials. My husband thinks I’ve lost it thinking these lil’ guys are out for revenge. Tonight I chased a bunny, yelling “I’ll get you, you little critter. Argh.” So, he said, “yeah, now I KNOW you’ve lost it.” LOL. Anyway, good luck and let me know how the mothballs work out.

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