Ant invasion.

I was having one of those mornings.  You know, it started out with my dog waking me up around 4 in the mornin’.  Hello, does he not know I need my beauty sleep? (just kidding) Then, when I finally do wake up (at 6:30 in the mornin’ – hellooo, this is what happens when you have kids!), my husband asks me if the kids spilled anything on the side steps.  Um, not that I can remember, I reply.  He says, “well, there are so many ants out there I can’t even see the steps.”  What?!  I had to see for myself and when I did, I went into panic mode.  I grabbed the vinegar (my only defense) and just poured and poured.  Ants went everywhere and then there was that sour vinegar smell (and that did not make my husband happy, oh no).  “That’ll get rid of ’em,” I said.  ‘Oh yeah, right!” He torted back.  Okay, so I guess he was right.  They popped right back on up like nothing ever happened.  Although I do think some of them washed away with the fluid, not necessarily because it was vinegar.  Who Knows.  What I did know was that I needed something more potent.  and I hate to admit it, because I don’t like using chemicals as much as the  next person, but I went to home depot and got me some ANT KILLER.  Yup.  I went in there all distraught, looking for revenge on those tiny invaders that are eating away at the foundation of my house (well, I’m not sure, but I’m guessing).  I must have been a sight, with my cart on high speed and me whizzing around the corners and then BAM I collided with a cart that was being pushed by a guy with Down Syndrome and he says, “Oh, our carts just kissed.”  I giggled and walked away with the biggest smile; I might have blushed.  It made my day.  I forgot about the ants, but only for a millisecond.  When I got home, I saw that the ants had slowly been dying off, or perhaps they were hiding.  I couldn’t take any chances so I poured the entire bottle of ant killer in between the cracks of my steps.  “Suckers, don’t come ’round here no more.”  Now, I just think my day started out all crappy, but it sure was nice to have shared a little cart kissing in the middle of my meltdown.  I’m all better now, but here’s a photo…maybe you can tell me – are they carpenter ants or not?

*This is after the vinegar, but before the ant killer: (so you shoulda seen it before the vinegar.  Too bad I was in panic mode and didn’t think to take a picture)



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