Momma’s dirty dozen

What I’m curious about is is it better to eat non organic fruit, or no fruit at all?  This is what I ponder as I grocery shop.  I want to buy organic, but I can’t justify the cost.  Am I just giving my kids little fruits of poison, or is there still nutritional benefits to eating non organic?  And is it better to eat organic processed foods, or does it not matter because they are processed?  

My mother says not to worry, because FDA standards are so great nowadays, but with everything that we learn, especially with all of the heightened coverage and trendiness of being green, I just wonder why do they even sell nonorganic if it’s bad for you?  Am I being naive?

Anyway, I’ve decided to start buying just the dirty dozen organic rather than non organic of the worst  pesticide infested fruits and veggies.  Here’s the list:


1 (worst) Peach 100 (highest pesticide load)
2 Apple 93
3 Sweet Bell Pepper 83
4 Celery 82
5 Nectarine 81
6 Strawberries 80
7 Cherries 73
8 Kale 69
9 Lettuce 67
10 Grapes – Imported 66
11 Carrot 63
12 Pear 63


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