Momma’s rant.

Bikers!  I’m a biker.  Okay, granted, I have an old school rusted up schwinn that I bought at a garage sale for 5.00, but I consider myself a biker nonetheless.  Er, I guess I should say I am a leisure biker.  I don’t have any spandex outfits, that’s for sure, and I generally don’t bike farther than a couple of miles at a time.  So, it’s not like I am a pro biker.  And no matter how much I wish I could just get rid of my car and bike everywhere instead, it aint gonna happen.  Anyway, my beef with bikers is the arrogant belief that they rule all roads and trails.  I mean, I get it, you want to share the road and I am cool with that.  BUT you need to follow the same rules as automobiles, like STOPPING AT STOP LIGHTS.  That really wasn’t the issue I was going to post, but since it was on my mind I thought I’d share it.  My issue is on the trails.  I am trying to teach my DS (he’s 7) to follow the rules on trails, like telling people he’s on their left (or dinging the bell), but the guys (and gals) that are all decked out on their 20 speed bikes and entirely clad in spandex never, ever let us know when they are behind us.  And the reason it really gets on my nerves is because they go so fast and unlike my clinkity clankety bike, they don’t make any noise.  They just swish on past.  I’m just so afraid that my DS, or me for that matter, might step to the side and bam! have a biker run me over and they’ll be going so fast that they’ll end up a lot more hurt than me.  So, really, I am just worried about everyone’s well-being.  I mean, can’t they just say “on your left?”  I mean, really?


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